Times have been tough for all of us recently. One thing we have noticed is that people are 100% talking about Mental Health more.

The media has responded positively with the promotion of positive mental health.

We will use the power of PEER SUPPORT and invite you to join our forum.

We bring together individuals, organisations, and businesses from across the globe, to Talk & share about Mental Health & Well-being topics.

We will pay special attention to historically marginalised groups that have faced barriers to TALKING & SHARING.


We are a team of Mental Health & related professionals,with a wide variety of experience. 

We have joined forces to offer our solution to your business/organisation. TALKSHARE promotes the crucially important area of mental health & emotional wellbeing.

Our principal trainer & facilitator is Marc Ewen.

An established professional who trains from the heart, not the textbook.

He has delivered his  highly effective Mental Health Awareness training to a  wide variety of clients

He has real lived experience of mental health challenges.

He has had a prestigious career including, social worker, manager, researcher, housing officer & associate lecturer. Trainer, & other professional roles.

All of our associates have lived experience of mental ill health. We have not just wore the shoes we have walked around in them!


It is highly probable that your workplace/organisation will have somebody who has lived experience of mental illness.

It would be a travesty to not hear them and benefit from their unique experience?

Do you know somebody?


We are a team from a range of professional backgrounds, health, social care, mental health trainers, and more.

Who recognised a need, no organisation has ever responded to in ways that really work, often opting for costly complex solutions that have limited appeal & effectiveness?

Have you ever attended a training course where people did not look comfortable? We have many times! We believe this occurrence is often rooted in companies & individuals not fully understanding what their needs are.

For many businesses who use Mental Health awareness training ineffectively and do not view it as part of an ongoing process of cultural change.

What is missing is Talking & Sharing more. Our service will enable you to Talk & Share more confidently, this will prepare you better for any future Mental Health Awareness training you may take.


If you want to get closer to somebody, then talking about shared memories might be the way to do it.


We suppose that’s what people are doing who work together all day and spend part of the evening going over memories of who said what and who did what.


It can all sound like nonsense to an outsider, and in and of itself that’s probably what it is, but it’s actually about building a relationship.” Talk and Share more.

Happiness never decreases by being shared. ~ Buddha


Our service allows for individuals to talk through their situation which may lead to a clearer mind. Helping sort out their thoughts.

Sharing your feelings also helps others understand you better. Helps to build a stronger connection between both parties.

After learning to Talk & Share more effectively it will enable any future Mental Health training to be much more effective.

Mental Health may appear ok in your company, but you feel people do not Talk & Share openly enough.
How are you measuring it?

We Talk – Support you to Talk more about difficult subjects.
We Share – We help you realise the value of sharing one another’s experiences.

We Connect People – From Similar occupational backgrounds & this can be from your own company or from a different one.



  • Please ask any questions you want.
  • (No such thing as a silly question!)
  • Drop us an email or give us a call.
  • You are guaranteed a friendly reception!
  • Click below to download our Welcome Pack.

TALKSHARE is very flexible!


It can be used as a one of service, primarily focused on the promotion of positive mental health.

It can also be used as part of an agreed plan

It also sits very well for any CPD you or your organisation maybe involved with.

We are happy to provide certificates for a small charge


Some tips on how to reframe & rephrase questions, how to probe.

The WHITE text is the original question

The DARKER text is the extended question – based on probing and rephrasing

Great to hear the pubs have opened. How are you feeling about places to start opening after spending so much time indoors?

How was your day, busy? Are you working over or extra hours?

(Many people have been working from home and had significant issues around planning and self-care)


Lovely weather today, how is it your way? How are you managing to keep active? (Weight gain has increased exponentially and people may have developed related issues, diabetes etc)

How are you, everything ok? (Always ask twice!) Are you sure there is nothing you want to share? (For many people talking about pent up feelings & emotions has been a new thing – hence asking twice)

Are you happy that things are returning to normal?   Have you missed things during the lockdown? (Maybe lost something job, loved ones etc)

How has your day been?       Has there been a highlight of your day? (Again, probing will help identify issues and tell the person you care enough by probing)

What do you do in a typical day?    Do you find things enjoyable? (Probing gently to see how the person fills their day and if they experience any positive emotions/negative.

Have you discovered any new music in the lockdown?       What music puts you in a good mood? (For many people music has become even more important – but it can sometimes be a double-edged sword in terms of moods & types of music)

What have you been doing to have fun?  What do you do to relax after a busy day? For many working from home has been challenging and could be quite isolating. It is important to probe as to what people do to relax outside of work & home.


There is no one right way of expressing things – the main thing is to be thoughtful and genuine.

You do not need to have all the answers – it is about having the conversation and the support you offer by talking.

Say what feels comfortable for you.

If what you say does not sound quite right, stop, and try again. It does not have to be the end of the conversation.

Listen actively & attentively – do not allow distractions (turn of your phone)

Always ask twice “how they are”.

Let them know if you understand / or if you do not.

Avoid being judgmental.

Take them seriously.

Make yourself available to talk again if needed.

Always try to find a conducive comfortable environment.

Do not turn what you have been told into gossip.

If you do not understand, do some research.

Tell an adult if you must if it is a young person or child.

Assure them confidentiality – although in emergency this may be compromised – if the person or others are at risk of harm or injury.

TalkShare is a facilitated wellbeing discussion service, with the emphasis on mental health & emotional resilience

TalkShare is a facilitated discussion service