We believe everybody can benefit from Talking & sharing more!

Our mission is simple
To get people Talking & Sharing more
It is entirely possible


We aim to get you Talking & Sharing more

We aim to prepare you for any future Mental Health related training.

We aim to provide for all businesses, groups, individuals.

We will provide a “peer support service”

TalkShare Friends,

we aim to be a 1 stop shop for your training & well-being needs

We aim to be excellent Value For Money.


To be open and transparent how we work

To provide fair pricing for all

To provide post session support (after care)

To be feedback champions

To banish any elephants

in the room you may have.

To connect community groups that have been disadvantaged and face multiple barriers, and support them in learning to TALK & SHARE more.


We highly value your feedback

This is the only way we can meet your needs

We feed and thrive on FEEDBACK

We use this to develop our service

We will ask everybody to complete a feedback form.