S.P.A.D.E.is a fully integrated 5 step approach that guarantees a structured approach which allows flexibility. Bespoke to your needs. We ask you to complete the form online on our site which includes everything we need to ensure we meet your needs and maximise your outcomes.

It will only take a few minutes, then you will be emailed a copy.


We will work with you to focus on your needs! Being SPECIFIC at the outset significantly increases the chances of reaching your desired outcome(s). TalkShare can sit alongside of any existing provision, or wellbeing program, and fits well with any CPD.


It is crucial that together we plan how you want things to look. We provide the following.

Taster sessions

Single sessions

Morning, afternoon, or evening

Individual, (coaching only) small, and larger groups.

Emergency response as and when needed.

*Please note. Most sessions are around 1 hour.


How does it look? What format is best?

We will use the information from the ONBOARDING & SPADE form you completed online.

If you are unsure as to what subject you wish discuss, we are very happy to advise you and offer any suggestions.


At the beginning stage we ask you to complete an ONBOARDING form & SPADE from. This is your chance to dig deep and give us much information as possible. We will then arrange a suitable time, place, and format of your delivery. This will be included in your summary and action plan which we will email you before your session.


Post-course evaluation is your opportunity to critically reflect and share how you feel things went for you. Feedback forms are made available at the beginning of each session.

It may be the case that one session has worked wonders and you do not need any follow up, on the other hand, this may be part of an agreed plan. Of course, we build into your plan plenty of room for flexibility.

Or you may have unanswered questions. Please remember for all participants you will have free ongoing access to our resource centre.