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We offer bespoke services to all businesses, whatever your size.

We also provide for community groups, charities and many more, just ask us!


We acknowledge the unfair inequalities people from BAME communities are subject to.
We will take positive steps to change this and are committed to hearing and being led by these often-unheard voices.

We will value the amazing cultural & historical contributions people bring.
We will aim to open people’s eyes and deal with some of the stigmas people face.


Smaller businesses are the lifeblood of the UK and with many adapting their business format & repositioning, due to the recent pandemic the need for effective communication is priority.

Talking and sharing about what does and does not work will be beneficial to your business, ultimately increase your bottom line.
Invest now & book your session. Start enabling your workplace to have more mentally healthy conversations.


New ways of working mean new ways of communicating!

Big business has had a largely unprepared wakeup call and found themselves dealing with high levels of mental health issues, in & out of work. Continuing mentally healthy conversations in the workplace has never been so urgent, the time to talk is now!


Recently many elderly people have experienced some degree of loneliness or isolation.
Considering the increasing elderly population, we realize for many talking and listening has been put on hold.

We are here to change this! We will work hard to help elderly people embrace technology to improve their well-being.
We hear a lot about how “care staff” show a solid commitment to working with people who have dementia and other terminal conditions. We will be connecting nursing & residential homes up and down the country to create dialogue about what works and what does not.


We use TalkShare to addresses the crucially important area of Mental health & well-being for children and young people.
We believe the conversations will enable children/YP to talk more openly about how they feel and become aware of the early warning signs of mental distress.

We will work closely with schools, colleges, and other education providers to equip children and young people to enable wellbeing conversations to happen.
We will be connecting young people up and down the country to come together virtually and Talk and Share about whats going on, these sessions can be structured or free flowing. We will be working closely with a highly respected leader in this field, who have a highly effective and experienced team.


What does it mean to be inclusive in your organisation?
How can you make sure that LGBT people feel part of the team?

Why is it important to go beyond ‘treating everyone the same’? How can your organisation provide the best service possible to LGBT+ people? These are just a few of the questions we will explore through Talking & Sharing.


People with learning disabilities & communication difficulties are often denied opportunities to speak about their mental health, many professionals speak on their behalf.
We will work with you to provide opportunities for people to TalkShare & improve mental wellbeing.

Communication difficulties are key to explaining many barriers and poorer outcomes of people with learning disabilities can experience when using health & community services.
Many healthcare workers lack the training that facilitates a service user voice. In addition, many healthcare professionals rely on individuals reporting symptoms and ill health, which raises significant safeguarding concerns, as there are issues of capacity.
We aim to link with local and national groups to get together and talk and share! We are always open to suggestions of effective ways of working to secure positive outcomes.


People living with mental illness often struggle with disclosing their mental health condition to others due to stigma.
Stigmatisation affects people in many ways, including unfair access to medical treatment, lower education & employment opportunities.

Health care professionals & carers play a vital role in combating stigma about mental health. But this is not a 1-way street!
People with lived experience of mental health have a tremendous amount of personal, professional shared & lived experience. In past years this has improved significantly, but the job is not complete!

We need to support people in having a voice and we believe here at TALKSHARE we are perfectly positioned to make this happen, by utilising our own highly effective peer support forum.
Our forum will serve as a great opportunity to build a peer support service.